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Shampoo bar

Ever tried a solid shampoo bar?  Much like pure soap a shampoo bar cleans without stripping your skin (or in this case your hair) of all it’s natural and beneficial oils. Liquid shampoos include harsh chemical preservatives to prevent spoilage. Eliminating the water eliminates the need for these ingredients, and after all, you have the water right there in your shower. Just wet your hair, create your lather by give a few swipes of the shampoo bar directly on your head, work in the lather and rinse.  Our shampoo bars are made with a combination of oils including coconut, castor, avocado, argon and cocoa butter. The result in a rich and bubbly lather great for washing your hair. 


Conditioner Bar

Like the Shampoo Bar, the Conditioner Bar eliminates the need to add water to our ingredients - you are bringing the water to the equation. We've added an emulsifier so the oils and water play nice together and you can use as much or as little as you want, it's gentle enough to leave in or go ahead and rinse.

Tea Tree Shampoo Bar - Unpackaged

Tea Tree Shampoo Bar - Unpackaged

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